Happy Presidents Day

Or at least I hope it was for all of you.  For me, it involved a lot of writing–I have two papers due this week, and then of course I had 1,000 words to write in addition to that.  I had wanted to get something posted on the web page today, but I just didn’t have time.  In other news, does anyone know what the symptoms of carpel tunnel syndrome are, because I think I might be getting that.  Too much typing.  But the papers are almost done, and the creative writing went well today, so I guess it was worth it.  😉

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3 Responses to Happy Presidents Day

  1. raisinfish says:

    I just know that carpel tunnel is NOT what I get after typing for a long time. The muscles in my forearms start to feel like I’ve pulled them, which I probably have from too much typing. But carpel tunnel is in your wrist, so it’s not that. That’s all I know.
    Don’t get carpel tunnel. It ruins writing careers.

    • brycemoore says:

      Aha. Then I have what you have–that strained feeling in my forearms and in the palms of my hands. I didn’t want to get carpal tunnel–but I was concerned nonetheless. Last night I looked into it on some medical websites, and you’re right–looks like I’m okay. Phew.

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