A Three Hour Tour

So I went to play a game with friends today: Twilight Imperium.  And it was pretty darn cool.  Who was there, you ask?  It was held in honor of Fellfrosch’s birthday, and Spriggan, Skar, Love Basket, Fell, Matt and Alan all came.  Why Matt and Alan don’t have nearly as cool nicknames as the rest is beyond me, but there you have it.  House of Mustard was going to come, but he sicked out on us.  We got together at 9 in the morning, started playing at 10:30, and then finished at 6:30.  That’s right: 8 hours of non-stop gaming.  I haven’t been so geeked up in ages.  Now, the harsh reality is that anytime 7 people play a game for 8 hours, only one person will win and thus feel that the 8 hours was worthwhile.  Thankfully, this time, I was that person.  Mwa ha ha!  There was much rejoicing from me . . . until I got home and realized how much of my work I had slacked off from doing until tonight.


I need to go write.  Toodles.

(And if you’re one of the people I beat today–neener neener neener!)

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One Response to A Three Hour Tour

  1. raisinfish says:

    I loved playing that game, but Dan always has to start games at like 8:30 at night. You do the math. Just thinking about that game makes me tired.

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