So I figured out today that in order to finish all my papers by the end of the semester without binge writing right at the last minute, I need to write 2 pages a day for the next 7 weeks. That pretty much sucks. Add to that the fact that the current book I’m workshopping needs some major help, and I’m feeling rather blue. There’s just so much going on right now. If I can get through the next 7 weeks, things ought to get a lot better. I know I should just look on the bright side: I’ve still been able to write 1,000 words plus every day even during all this mess, which puts me at over 14,000 words of Ichabod thus far. It’s strange that I can write creatively every day with no problem, but as soon as I have to write pages for school, it seems like such a chore. That’s the difference between writing for pleasure and being forced to do it. Sigh.

And my book isn’t that bad. At least I don’t think it is. I have this vision in my head of what it can be like, and I’ve just been having difficulty getting that vision to show through. But with some work and some revision, and I’m pretty sure I can get it down. Wish me luck.

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4 Responses to Stress

  1. raisinfish says:

    Good luck. And your book isn’t that bad. It just needs some work.

  2. At least you don’t have to write 75 trivia questions a day.

    • brycemoore says:

      Yikes–that would really be tough. But then again, if I were Ken Jennings, I’d have a lot more money AND a book deal already. That’s a situation I’m willing to take. Oh, and hi Ben. Are you going to start braving the world of LJ now in addition to blogger?

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