New Everything

Can I just express my frustration with the amount of STUFF you have to do when you move to another part of the country? Trash, mail, bank, tv, internet, phone, appliances, direct deposit, insurance . . . it can feel pretty overwhelming at times. Hopefully things will begin to settle down soon–I’ve been getting a lot of those chores done, but it takes time. However, I was able to get some writing in yesterday, even if I was almost falling asleep while doing it. Today, I hope to be able to revise an entire chapter and get back into the swing of things.

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3 Responses to New Everything

  1. Anonymous says:

    So, I agree… and the problem is, if you set something up wrong in the beginning it is SUCH a pain to go and change it (wrong bank here — never gonna fix it though because SO many things hinge on it).

  2. izykstewart says:

    No kidding…when I moved to Europe this summer there were about a million things that I had to do. And it was just me…no house, no family, not all of my stuff. I can’t imagine the planning nightmare you must be going through. Good luck and all that!

  3. pemblemily says:

    Every time I have to move I seriously consider making a huge bonfire of everything I own and just starting over. You’re right, though, the stuff you have to do is almost worse than the stuff you have to move. I had to deal with this again last year when Brandon and I got married – and I wasn’t even moving anywhere! Good luck!

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