Wood Stove

For those of you who don’t know, my new house comes complete with a woodstove. Now, it’s not the kind that has the cool glass window to look at the fire–it’s much more utilitarian than that. Big. Square. Metal. We’ve fired it up, and it does a darn good job at heating our house. Of course, the first few days it smoked a lot, since it had just been refinished before we bought the house. But that’s all out of its system now, and it’s working like a charm. We just had another 2 cord of wood delivered yesterday, so we’re in business for the winter. (Just have to stack that two cord . . .)  I actually like the woodstove a lot, though I think I’d like of like a version with a window, just so I could see the fire and add some ambiance to the kitchen. Of course, maybe that would make it less safe . . . Any of you out there woodstove experts?

In other news, I’m sick. Just a cold (I think), but it has me feeling droopy and drowsy and other dr- words that I can’t think of right now. Too bad, since it’s Halloween and all. But I’ll still suck it up and head out with Tomas this evening to go to a Halloween party and do some trick or treating. He’s very excited–he’s going to be a cat. I’m going to be a librarian. Or a father. Or Eeyore. Depending on how I feel.

Writing’s going well. Ichabod isn’t nearly as bad as I feared it might be. The first Act was a beast to revise, but I flew through Act 2, and I’m well into Act 3 now. I know the climax has issues, but I think I might get this book done sometime in November. Then I’ll be needing some new readers to give me a final verdict before I put the finishing touches on and send it off to the agent. I’ll likely see if there are any victims–I mean, volunteers–here at my library, but are any of you interested? Just give me a holler.

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2 Responses to Wood Stove

  1. Anonymous says:

    wood stove with glass
    A new woodstove with glass is safer than what you have as well as providing much more fuel efficiency, less pollution and much nicer ambiance. Jotul, Quadrifire, Pacific Energy, Woodstock Stove, Hearthstone, Morso all make beautiful stoves with lots of choices. Go to Hearth.com for ton’s of info on choosing, installing, and using wood stoves as well as tips on firewood.

    • brycemoore says:

      Re: wood stove with glass
      Thanks for the suggestion. I’d love to get a nice one with a glass pane, but sadly, it doesn’t look like the funds are going to be there for now. Such is life . . .

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