Funny Pictures

If you want to laugh a lot, check out these pictures of children scared to death of Santa. Poor little tykes.

In other news, I have my wireless network at home completely operational and secure, so that’s good news, and I’ll begin Operation Build tonight as I foray into the great build-my-own-computer adventure. Perhaps the most important thing of note is that tomorrow is Chester Greeenwood Day. I think we all know just how great a man Chester was, and why he has a day named in his honor. We’ll be heading out for the parade, but I think I’ll pass on the Polar Bear Club dip in Clearwater Lake. Tomorrow’s supposed to be wicked cold out here. Anyone else having any Chester Greenwood Festivities? I’m sure you’re all jealous that I now reside in his home town, the “Earmuff Capital of the World.”

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