Take a Tip from Me

Okay. Because I love all you faithful readers out there, I’m going to make your day and give you a valuable tip that will make your life sunnier and happier. Better. Birds will sing in the trees, and you’ll be much more carefree than you were yesterday. It’s all about toothpaste.

Now, for those of you that have been reading me religiously, you probably think I’m going to talk about dentists at this point. Well, you’d be wrong. I’m talking about CD and DVD scratches. Yup. Toothpaste will take those puppies right out and make your disc as new. At least that’s what the word on the street is. Haven’t tried it myself yet, because I treat my belongings with care. 🙂

In other news, it’s not as hot here now. And the company has gone off to my brother’s. A fun time was had by all, even if I think my family is going to leave thinking the entire state of Maine is one big sauna. Gotta love the humidity.

Back to work!

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