Back from Europe now. Time is rather short, but I just figured I’d poke my head in here to say howdy. Came home last night to find our house was well. Dustier and spidery-er than I anticipated. And the furnace was broken, but DKC has called and said most of that is already fixed, including the furnace. I have a slew of stuff to do at work, and I didn’t write a word the whole time I was in Ireland (which was much fun–might post pics later if I remember to), so I need to catch up. Coming back from a long vacation is difficult, not because I wish I were still on vacation, but because I have so much to do. Sheesh.

And a shout out to my good, wonderful ol’ buddy ol’ pal Dan Wells. We’re tight, right Dan? I mean–sure, I trounced you in some board games, but that’s all water under the bridge, right? I’d tell the rest of you why I want to make sure I’m on Dan’s Friends List, but I’m not allowed to. Just take it from me: you want to be on his friends list, too.

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One Response to Returned

  1. Anonymous says:

    welcome home.
    I feel your pain.

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