Okay, I’ll admit: I’m frustrated. I just can’t seem to go below 218 pounds. It’s kind of depressing when you’re following a strict calorie diet, and you’re being good and doing everything you’re supposed to be doing with it, but you still aren’t losing anything. Sigh. I just have to keep reminding myself that I’ve lost 8 pounds so far in just about four weeks, which works out to 2 pounds a week, for you mathically challenged peoples out there. And that ain’t bad. Of course, I’ve now been 218 for five days. That’s got to stop. Now.

Lost tonight. This season has yet to have an episode that lets me down. Keep it up!

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  1. motabrobb says:

    It’s hard to do with diet alone. When I did my yearly biometrics measurements at work last year, my BMI had barely slipped from “overweight” to “obese.” I knew it was time to do something and the University apparently did, too, because they offered me quarterly phone sessions with a health consultant.
    Bottom line is, to lose weight you need good nutrition AND 250 minutes per week of moderate exercise. I do 20 minutes on the elliptical before work every morning and 30 minutes at night. Breaking it up that way keeps it from taking too much time at once.
    I’ve lost about 10 pounds since Christmas and it’s coming off faster now. Once you reach the weight level you want to maintain, you can cut back to 150 minutes per week.
    I love the elliptical because I can watch TV while I exercise. I know this is more than you wanted to hear but if you get started at your age I’ll bet you’ll never have weight problems again!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Have you ever tried weight-lifting? Most people I’ve talked to shy away from it because they don’t want to “body-build,” but it takes a LOT of heavy weight-lifting to do that anyway. Normal weight-lifting 2 or 3 times a week is fantastic for your metabolism, and keeps your muscles healthy. The metabolism thing was key for me – cardio alone never got me below 150, but cardio+weight training has gotten me down to 135.

    • brycemoore says:

      We’ll see how things go over the next few weeks. I’m really not worried about getting In Shape right now–just getting so that I’m not Out of Shape, if that makes sense. If the weight won’t come off, though, I’ll start looking at other measures. Thanks for the advice.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Eat what you want
    Calorie counting didn’t work for me. The whole eat what you want til’ you’re full thing did.
    Weight loss, it’s a total bummer.
    Are you still losing inches? It could be sheer raw muscle. 😉

    • brycemoore says:

      Re: Eat what you want
      I dunno–down to 217 today, baby! So maybe it was just a plateau, and I complained too soon. I’m not starving myself–just watching what I eat. This FitDay thing really is working for me. Haven’t measured my inches recently.

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