TRC Writes a Story

I have TRC dictate a journal to me about once a week (I try to, at least). He likes to throw in stories now and then to keep things interesting, and I thought I’d share today’s with you:

Once upon a time, there was an old king who lived faaaaaaaaar in the distance, and he and his queen were searching for gold, but instead of gold, trash was everywhere. Everywhere they dug, trash was in their way, and they couldn’t find gold. But one day, they went into a mine and got lost, but they found some gold, and they found a map, and a compass, and a miner. Then the miner helped them find their way home, and they lived happily ever after with the miner.

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2 Responses to TRC Writes a Story

  1. Anonymous says:

    Our school is hugely into writing.
    S will be writing full-fledged books by the end of his K year.
    This is a great activity to get him started.
    However, we don’t do any fictional pieces in K (or, actually, at all… that I can remember from c). Kind of a bummer…

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