Book Release: Warbreaker

For all you fantasy fans out there, in case you weren’t aware of it, my good friend Brandon Sanderson just came out with a very rare type of fantasy book: a standalone novel. Yes, that’s right. It begins and ends within one cover. Actually, this is a book he’s released in drafts over the web for the past year or two, and it’s just now that Tor is releasing it in hardback. You can see Brandon’s post about it here, where he includes handy links to the book online, as well as gives a summary of it and includes a list of reviews of the book. It’s getting great press, and I’ve already ordered a copy for myself. Even if you don’t love fantasy, I’m sure you know a fantasy lover. They’d be overjoyed to get this book. Trust me. (And if they’re not, then you can blame me.) Brandon’s the author finishing the Robert Jordan series, and if you’re anybody in fantasy, you really should be reading him. I can’t recommend his books highly enough. Plus, the book industry could really use your support, because I’d really rather it still exist by the time I’m actually able to publish a novel. 🙂

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2 Responses to Book Release: Warbreaker

  1. mistborn says:

    Thanks for the shout-out, Bryce!

    • brycemoore says:

      Anytime, Brandon. I actually ended up getting two copies of your book–one for my library, and one for me. Trying to spread the word here in Maine. 🙂

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