Chatting w/TRC

DKC just forwarded me a chat session TRC had with my sister, Gretel. I’m including it below, because I got such a kick out of it. He did the typing all on his own. Not too shabby for a 5 year old. πŸ™‚

me: Hi Gretel
do you have a minute?
TRC would like to chat with you a bit.
Gretel: sure!
Hi, TRC!
me: hi gredl
Gretel: How are you?
me: ❀
Gretel: πŸ™‚
me: fin
Gretel: good!
me: and u
Gretel: I am great!
I love Fridays. πŸ™‚
me: ❀ ❀
Gretel: What are you doing this weekend – anything fun?
me: iluv u
Gretel: I love you too!!!
me: yus wer plag basbaii
Gretel: wow! sounds fun!
me: say r u doog sutg fun
Gretel: I don't know yet…I hope so!
we might make a pizza
me: grat
Gretel: I heard you were sick the other day
I hope you are feeling better!
me: say haw is wil doog
Gretel: he is doing well. he starts school next week
me: he gostscool stil
Gretel: yes! he is almost done, though.
you are good at typing, TRC!
me: thacu
Gretel: you're welcome
me: i hafto go et lunch
Gretel: okay! thanks for chatting with me!
me: bi an iluv u
Gretel: bye! I love you too!!

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4 Responses to Chatting w/TRC

  1. Anonymous says:

    His typing pretty much looks like my texting. πŸ˜‰ I was really impressed (and flattered that he wanted to talk to me!).

  2. Anonymous says:

    Super cute chat session…
    that Gretel, she’s a keeper.

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