Why I Like the Yankees

I’m a Yankees fan.

Get over it.

That said, I always feel the need to explain why I’m a Yankees fan–the need to distinguish myself from those front-runner-loving, money grubbing lemmings out there who are Yankees fans just because Yankees win a lot and have a lot of money. (Although better to be a Yankees fan for that reason than a Red Sox fan for that reason, I suppose.) In any case, I’m not one of Those Fans.

I lived in New York from the time I was two until I was ten or so. At that time, the Mets were doing really well. My brother became a big Mets fan. I decided I wanted to be different, and so I became a Yankees fan. And for years, I was made fun of, because the Yankees were just has beens. They didn’t do anything to speak of, postseason-wise. But I hung in there. I rooted for them year in and year out.

Then the mid-90s happened, and suddenly it was really fashionable to hate the Yankees. And so I got made fun of again–now because the Yankees were too good. They were the Evil Empire, blah blah blah.

Doesn’t matter to me. I’m still a Yankees fan, and I will remain a Yankees fan–even if I’m living in the middle of Red Sox nation these days.

Although speaking from experience, I’d much rather be made fun of because my team is too good than to be ridiculed because my team never does anything. It’s called envy, folks.

Get used to it.

Go Yankees!

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2 Responses to Why I Like the Yankees

  1. motabrobb says:

    But will you ever be viewed as a true Mainer unless you switch to the Red Sox?

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