Amazing Race

I’ll admit it: I love the Amazing Race. Which on the surface, doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. I hate flying with a sun-hot intensity. I’d rather go to the dentist than go flying (although oddly enough, I have flown to get my wife to go to the dentist . . .) But I love being in other countries and seeing the sights, and I love a good competition. So while I love watching the Amazing Race, I do it with the full realization that I could never actually participate.

And that’s okay.

For those of you poor souls who don’t watch the Amazing Race, allow me to explain the appeal. Take your typical reality show selection of candidates (the gay guy, the soccer mom, the brute, the schemer, etc.) and throw them into a global race around the world. Whoever finishes first, wins $1 million. Along the way, they have to do crazy stunts, like bungee jumping from bridges, searching haystacks for pennants, herding ducks–you name it. Follow these people around with a camera, and watch the magic happen.

What’s not to love?

You get to see other countries. You get to see people make idiots out of themselves. You get to laugh at how ignorant some people are. You get to second guess everyone’s decisions, proving how smart you are and how dumb they are. You generally get to feel superior for a full hour. That’s what I call a good deal.

Anyone watching this season?

DKC and I are currently rooting for the Globetrotters, with Malibu Ken and Barbie are next favorites. The gay brothers are our least favorite, with Miss American and her hubby falling in the middle. Please share your opinions, if you have any.

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2 Responses to Amazing Race

  1. motabrobb says:

    Never watched it, not even when a couple of my cousin’s daughters were on it. Sounds fun, though. Have you caught the new version of V? I’m sick today so I just watched the first three episodes online. Really enjoyed it.

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