Dear Warner Bros (and Other Film Companies)

I’ve been catching up on tech blogs, and I just read that Warner Bros and Netflixed inked a deal that results in Netflix not releasing Warner new releases for 28 days after they’ve premiered. This means that a brand new movie you can buy in the store on day one won’t be available via the red envelopes until day 28.

I am less than amused.

From what I understand, Netflix is getting a deal on the cost of the discs, and it should be able to stream more stuff from the film companies, but I still see this as a low blow by Warner. Hold streaming hostage until Netflix caves in on an unfair practice? Not too classy. Do these film companies WANT people to go out and download movies for free? Have they been totally out of it for the past decade and not paid any attention to the music industry’s woes? Netflix is a good thing for these guys–it keeps people happy, and it keeps people legal. Making things more difficult for people isn’t a good move, in my book.

What thinkest thou?

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4 Responses to Dear Warner Bros (and Other Film Companies)

  1. raisinfish says:

    I’m confused. What is the reason for the delay? What are the unfair practices on the part of Netflix?
    Seems like a very dumb move on Warner’s part, though I’m not sure I have all the info.

    • raisinfish says:

      Ah ha! I just googled. It looks like Warner is blaming Netflix for lack of DVD sales. I would be very surprised if that was actually the case. Can’t people just go to the redbox to rent new releases? Before that couldn’t they go to Blockbuster or Hollywood Video? It’s not like release-weekend rentals are a new thing.
      Sounds like a dumb move on both company’s parts.

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