Adventures in eBay

I finally took the time to put some stuff I had kicking around the house up for auction on eBay. One of my goals this year is to eBay four things a month at least. So I went for it. Took the pictures, made the posts, calculated the shipping, slapped up the auctions . . .

The good news?

I sold all four items.

For a grand total of $16.

The bad news?

I miscalculated shipping. I don’t send boxes much, so I underestimated how expensive it would be.

The good news?

I still made a profit.

How much?


I figure I made about $1/hour on that deal. Here’s hoping I get better at this in the future . . .

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2 Responses to Adventures in eBay

  1. motabrobb says:

    Another 60 bucks or so and you’ll be back on the satellite for a month!

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