Potty Training

First off, let me state that I take 0% credit for the following achievement. That said, by grace of Denisa, DC is officially potty trained. Well, when I say “potty trained,” I mean that she can go when she’s awake. When she’s asleep is an obstacle that will be conquered in due time. In any case, last Friday, Denisa spent the entire day working with DC to teach her how this whole thing functions, and she’s been working with her since. This morning, DC went and did her business entirely on her own for the first time–not even telling Denisa what was going on.

Needless to say, we’re very proud. (If only my ability to not wet my pants (over 20 years–and counting!) inspired the same level of pride in me, my wife and my friends and family.)

For those of you wondering, the approach Denisa uses is the one found in this book. She used it for TRC, and it worked then, as well. She wanted to get DC trained earlier, but that whole broken arm thing kind of threw her off schedule. This way, when we go on vacation, we will be able to pack that much more lightly. Plus, no more diapers! (That’s a huge reason to celebrate right there.)

In any case, many congratulations go out both to my wife and my daughter. Great job!

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2 Responses to Potty Training

  1. Anonymous says:

    Did you get the idea for that book from me? I love it, it really works, even if you want to kill yourself while you’re doing it.
    Go D! She deserves a present (your wife, not your daughter).

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